Models for Allentown [4] Back to the Old Times

Winona "Windsplitter"
The last group of N scale models for the Allentown meet are three classic Interurban cars, a combine representative of the mid 1920 steel car era, and two older wooden cars. All three models are derived from HO 3D models.

The steel car is a St.Louis Car Co combine built for the Fort Wayne & Lima and the Indiana Service Corp, later Indiana Railroad. I am particularly attached to this model for two reasons, first because the late Paul Mayer asked me to make this car and gave me many photos and documents, and second because it was the first model I have drawn only from photos.
Indiana Service Co/Indiana RR steel combine

Winona "Windsplitter"
Now I know that I could build every car even if only photos and no plans ara available. I will present the car in two versions, the early two manned version with the baggage compartment in front (in production, red with green roof) , and the later one man version turned front to back with a folding passenger door (already finished, in Indiana Railroad traction orange with green roof). The car is powered with the extra long Tomytec TM-TR05 drive and has Commonwealth truck frames.

The two wood cars are the famous big Winona "Windsplitter" and a C&LE arched roof box motor, based on C&LE car 622. The fine wooden grooves are a challenge, because they are going to the limits of 3D printing, and sometimes beyond. Both cars have Tomytec drives with bigger 5.6 mm (36") wheels and a 14 mm wheelbase, all trucks powered. The Box Motor has a truck mounted Micro-Trains Coupler in the rear and can safely pull (and push) several freight cars even through the sharpest curves with 103 mm radius.
C&LE Box Motor

Rear Micro-Trains coupler on the Box Motor

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