New Traction Terminal drawings

Due to the redesign of the blog, the old download page for 2D drawings of the Indianapolis Traction Terminal has dissapeared. I relaunched this page with a giant map of the trackplan of the entire block.
More downloadable items are upcoming.



Interurban Traction Heralds

A small add : a special section for Traction heralds, logos, lettering schemes :


Editable vector versions are available for download.


Cincinnati & Lake Erie Interurban Freight Trailer (update)

C&LE  Freight Trailer
"If you don't have enough time for your projects, start a new one".

So I did this "fine scale" 3D model of an interurban freight trailer, in the colours of the Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad.

This may be a trailer build following CERA standards (Central Electric Railway Association). (Edit : This is not a CERA Trailer)

If I found the appropriate colors, I could create a version with other roadnames.

This 3D-model is based on a diagram from the Jack Keenan book, "Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad - Ohios Great Interurban System", page 220, diagram made by Mark Hood.

Update dec 1 : Added some handrails, a higher roof and the roadname.

Still missing : hand brake, brake pipes, steps, trailer number ...