Models for Allentown [2] some more Devils, and then an Eldorado

Liberty Bell Limited
Among the models that I bring up to the Allentown Trolley Meet are two more versions of the "Red Devils". When the Cincinnati & Lake Erie closed, the Lehigh Valley Transit bought several units and rebuild them for their "Liberty Bell Limited" service.

The swing entrance doors on the right side were reinstalled, and an identical left side door was build. The cars recieved a second trolley pole in front, the pilot was sheeted and 3rd rail shoes were installed on wooden beams on the ABC trucks. The headlight was raised up to the roof, the dash lights removed and the horns were placed on the left front corner. The cars recieved a striking cream livery with red striping.
Three Devils

So currently I have three "Devils", but there is a fourth to come. The Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway (Crandic) bought also six "Devils" when the C&LE closed. First they run nearly unaltered, but later some of them recieved  rounded "front spoiler" in replacement of the pilot and the trolley pole was mounted on a higher pole base. The folding doors remained in service. The cars were painted yellow and dark red/brown.

This 3D printed is still in production at Shapeways and will hopefully be delivered before the Meet. Technically, the models are identical to the C&LE cars, they are powered by the same Tomytec TM-TR04 drives

Electromobile to "Eldorado"
Another car for the Trolley show is the "Electromobile" built by Osgood-Bradley for the Altoona & Logan Valley Line in 1929. This were very modern bidirectional cars, close to the Brill "Master Units". Identical cars were delivered to Scranton. In Altoona, the were called "Eldorado Cars", because they often served on the Eldorado line.

The car is powered by a modified Tomytec TM-TR01 drive. Due to the very low ceiling of the car, the upper plastic plate wich holds the contac strips is removed. Otherwise the drive is unaltered. Purists see that the "Electromobile" runs currently on (Tomytec) Brill trucks, because I haven't yet finished the Osgood-Bradley truck frames in N scale. I think that is for the moment a pardonnable sin... I will also bring an HO model of this car to the Allentown Meet.
Electromobile, side view

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