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Interurban Electric Locomotives

Joseph A. Strapec, Shade Tree Books
Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Class A Locomotives
Ch. 3: Custom-Built Locomotives
Ch. 4: Short Cab Pre-B Locomotives
Ch. 5: Class B Locomotives
Ch. 6: Class D Locomotives
Ch. 7: Class B-1 Locomotives
Ch. 8: Class C Locomotives
Ch. 9: Class E Locomotives
Ch. 10: Class S Locomotives
Ch. 11: Competitors and Imitators
Ch. 12: The Survivors

Ch. 13: Numeric Production List
128 pages, Many photos and diagrams

CERA Bulletin 102 - Electric Railways of Indiana

Book II
1958, Central Electric Railfan's Association (CERA)
spiral bound, 176 pages

Many rare photos, including some color photos.
Drawings : Union Traction 400 class
427 class
ISC 375 class
trailer 390

Northern Indiana Railway
George K. Bradley,
1998, Central Electric Railfan's Association (CERA)
244 pagesExcellent photos and maps

Drawings of nearly all
the passenger equipment.


Indiana Railroad - The Magic Interurban 
George K. Bradley
(same author as above)
1991, Central Electric Railfan's Association (CERA)
224 pages
Excellent photos, including some rare color photos.
But no car drawings. Few information about the Traction Terminal, for this you must read the following Jerry Marlette book

Indianapolis Railways 
Jerry Marlette, 2002, Pioneer Press of West Virginia
301 pages
Excellent photos, some city car drawings.  

A chapter is dedicated to the Indianapolis Traction Terminal and the Interurban freight operations 

From Small Town to Downtown
A History of the Jewett Car Company, 1893-1919
Lawrence A. Brough and James H. Graebner
2004, Indiana University Press, 272 pages.
About 100 photos, including some rare, but very few car diagrams.
Extensive appendix trying to list all delivered cars,
very useful for traction researchers and modelers.

Electric Railways of Indiana 
Jerry Marlette
1980, Hoosier Heritage Press, 2nd Edition
Paperback, 214 pages
Due to low production standards, quality of photos is not so high, but their interest is. Contains many car drawings, timetables and a Indiana Railroad Map.

Trolley Talk (magazine)
Wyoming, Ohio.

Edited by Birdella Wagner, wife of Richard Wagner and his Wagner Car Co., a manufacturer of high-quality streetcar models and parts. The magazine is an incredible gold mine of rare photos and diagrams and it testifies the high level of traction model making on from the 50s.

I own the following Volumes:

II - issues 21-40 (1959-62)
III - issues 41 - 60 (1962-66)
IV - issues 61 - 80 (1966-70
V - issues 81 - 100 (1970-73)
VI - issues 101 - 120 (1974-77)
VII- issues 121 - 140 (1977-80)

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