"Railroad Roof" C&LE freight trailer

Interurban freight trailer with clerestory roof, C&LE
Most of the Ohio Interurban freight trailers where delivered originally with a "Railroad" clerestory roof instead of an arched roof. This variant of boxcars remained in service till the end of the C&LE.

Steven Greenup from Ohio, who knows more than I about Interurban railways, helped me with numerous documents and advices to redraw a diagram of this cars.

Now, I will go another step back into the past, and try the diagram of the original Ohio Electric trailer, with side windows, smaller sheeting and train doors at both ends.


C&LE arched roof Freight Trailer

Work in progress. The letterboard was lowered, the arched roof build higher. Improved handrails and new underframe.

Still missing : Brakes, brake chains, air pipes, footsteps, door hooks, ...


Indiana Railroad Highspeed Multiple Unit

Indiana Railroad Highspeed Multiple Unit in HO scale.

Made from the old die-cast models from Bowser, with new Bowser PCC drives. They have functionally Bemo couplers connecting both cars electrically for smooth riding.

The cars can operate as single units, a third unit is under construction.