Chicago Surface Lines Peter Witt One Man Car

Photo: Paul Mayer
Paul Mayer has painted another CSL Peter Witt in a green livery.

In the early 50ies, some dozen of the famous "Sedans" were transformed to one man operation. The single center door was removed and the double door reduced to the half. 

Sadly, this green cars never run in revenue service in Chicago.


Fort Wayne & Lima semi-lightweight combine

The Fort Wayne & Lima Railroad purchased in the 20ies several semi-lightweight combines built by St. Louis in an effort to cut operating costs. Identical cars were delivered to the Indiana Service Corporation. Shortly after delivery, this cars were one-manned by turning "back to front"

When the Fort Wayne -Lima was abandoned in 1932, five cars were purchased by the Oklahoma Railway. A sixth car, #91, was used as a building and is presevered by the Illinois Railway Museum.

This car is currently drawn as a printable 3D file. Most of the variants (Ft Wayne & Lima, ISC, Indiana Railroad, Oklahoma Railroad) would be made available. Motorisation could be a Bowser or a Hollywood Foundry drive.


3D modeling for newsgraphics

You may find that that this blog is a little asleep.  But that is only temporary. I am actually absorbed by some seasonal Live Steam acitivites, and with drawings for a video animation for the French railways. This animations will show how the "Modalohr" intermodal railcar works, with his pivoting berths loading semi trailers within the restricted European clearances.  This 3D models are destinated to be animated, and are obviously not printable ..