Modelling the train shed in 3D [2]

Actually, I am modelling the longitudinal X-girders. The entire shed structure could be finished soon.

The rivets are omitted at this stage, because their placement on the X, Y, and z axis is very complex and they need some preparation. But they could be added later without problems.

This 3D model is based on original drawings and the error margin is now less than a quarter of an inch. 


Indianpolis traction terminal shed drawing in pdf

Here is the pdf file of an end truss half section (trusses 1 and 7) with a "typical column". The blueprint is bigger than A4.

A simplified, printer-friendly outline version is here scaled to 1 : 87 (HO) and sized to A4. Red lines are 0.1 pt thick. Some laser cutting shops may be able to cut this form out of a piece of paper, styrene or acryl.

If your hands and eyes are in good condition, you will able to do it with a cutter on the kitchen table. I will try it this evening ;-).

The trusses 2 to 6 are similar, but they have only simple diagonal girders and no x-girder. This drawings will follow.


Indianapolis Traction Terminal - The Train Shed redrawn

Click twice to see biggest drawing
I have redrawn the train shed truss, more detailed, with a better precision, and riveted. Not less than five six different L-profiles were used for the trusswork. From 3.5"x3.5" up to 6"x6". The different profiles are indicated by colors.

The scale of the basic drawing is now 1:72 or one computer point for one inch. All figures are recalculated to inch. Fractions are rounded up or down to 0.25", 0.5" or 0.75"  (I think this is enough!).

The pdf of this blueprint will soon be available for download. Next step is the new drawing of the five inside trusses and of the longitudinal girders. And than a patient work to built an entire 3D-model of the whole train shed. A lot of iron ...