Models for Allentown [1] C&LE Red Devil

The East Penn Traction Club sponsors the largest trolley model in the USA. The meet 2017 will be held at Allentown Fairgrounds, May 18-20. I will be present at this exhibition with many models, mostly N scale models, easy to transport in aircraft luggage. Here a review of the models in preparation for the show:

The first model is the famous Cincinnati and Lake Erie "Red Devil" Highspeed Interurban Car in two versions: First as delivered with a swing front door, and a second car with a folding door. The swing doors, enabled for high level platforms, were replaced after the plans for a Cincinnati Subway has definetely failed. Then driver operated folding doors were installed.

The N scale one piece body is 89 mm long, including the pilot. The is powered by a Tomytec TM-TR04 drive. This drive has the prototypically small wheels (4.1 mm, about 26 "), but the wheelbase (9.2 mm, about 4 '10") is a little bit too short. You have to make some compromises ... Fortunately this is not too visible, once the ABC truck frames applied.

The car can go around the smallest available N scale curves with 103mm radius.


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