Never trust a drawing, even two drawings

C&LE trailer diagrams superposed

"Traction Planbook", second ├ędition, second printing from 1975, contains on page 96 a drawing of a Cincinnati & Lake Erie Freight Trailer, serie 3300. This diagram was drawn by R.M.Wagner.

Another drawing of this car was published in the Jack Keenan book, "Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad - Ohios Great Interurban System", page 220, diagram signed by Mark Hood.

Hood probably copied of Wagner, because some details are so similar. But some mesures of Wagner must be wrong. Both diagrams superposed, the problems appear clearly. The Wagner (Traction Planbook) is in black, and the Hood (Keenan book) in blue, both scaled to 1 inch = 1 point.

Wagner has drawn a more arched roof, 21" high. Hood made the roof only 16" high. If Wagner was right, than his own measures of the carbody height are wrong, because the addition would made the trailer exceed a height of 13'. Perhaps both were wrong, and the boxcar body was less high and the arch of the roof bigger?

By the way, the addition of some sub-measures of the frame give bizarre figures :

Wagner : 4'8" + 27'6" + 4'8" makes not 36'9"

Hood   : 4'8" + 27'4" + 4'8" also makes not 36'9".

The truck bolster distance may have been 27'5".

But in the end, even with this small errors this drawings are so great.

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