Interurban Freight Trailer blueprint

C&LE Interurban Freight Trailer

This is the ultimate compilation of the Interurban Freight Trailer drawings mentioned in my last message.

This work is mostly based on the blueprint published in  "Traction Planbook", 1975, page 96, but with some corrections. Basically, the measures in this print are correct, but not the drawing itself, who shows a carbody a little bit heigher than the real figures.

All known mesures are mentioned here in inch.


  1. Anonymous2/03/2012

    Roof height can vary due to car rebuilds. Some were conversions of Railroad roof cars. Some were company shop built and slightly different. I have examined these type cars. Fritz Hardendorf also had plan in T & M, I believe.

    Nice Plan, Steve G.

    1. Thanks, there was a real big variety of roof designs. But this car specially (C&LE 3306) was not a conversion of an older passenger car, but was built new by Cincinnati Car in 1917 for IC&E. I will upload a pdf sheet of this drawing soon.

      Are the Hardendorf drawings still available?

      best regards Volkmar

  2. Anonymous2/11/2012

    This type car was built in two versions in different batchs, Railroad Roof then later Arch Roof for ease of roof maintenance. I didn't realize that you were building a particular car. A couple of the Railroad roof types were rebuilt as Arch Roof cars do to damage to ease maintenance. Although built for IC&E your car was originally marked as a Ohio Electric car #811 as OE leased IC&E until 1921. Your car was then repainted in the early to mid 1920's as IC&E 811. C&LE repainted it as C&LE 3306 in the late 1920's.

    I sent you a email last week. Respond to it and I will send you Fritz's plan.
    Steve G.