Indiana Railroad Highspeed fleet in HO scale

IRR Highspeed in HO scale
The model and the inspiring book

Yesterday was the rollout day of the painted and weathered model. It is still missing window glasses, couplers and some other details.

By a "coup de chance", I found two other models, so later I will compose a full three car train.

All three models are in fact slightly different. The oldest one is equipped with the old Bowser mecanism and 8 mm wheels. In this configuration, the distance of the trucks is slightly too short. To match the real car, the leading truck must be advanced some millimeters. But the wheel diameter is correct.

The second has still the old Bowser mecanism, but 30" wheels (8.8 mm). This wheels are too big, the prototype had 28" wheels, 8 mm are matching better. The truck distance ist still not correct. On both old versions, truck sideframes are made of die cast.

The third car has the new Bowser can motor mecanism and 8.8 mm wheels, but the truck distance is correct now. Truck sideframes are made of plastic. This new model is a poor curve rider, due to some conceptual errors.

I used the base of the third model first. The new Bowser mecanism was replaced by a new Bowser PCC mecanism with his 8 mm wheels, with the IRR truck sideframes clipsed on. After this easy modification, the car can ride very small curves with a radius of only  5.5 inches. The two other cars will be modified with a Bowser PCC drive too.

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  1. Anonymous7/08/2014

    Can you tell me where to buy an unpainted /powered model such as this?

    Thanks, Nick Roth