Back to the boxcars (3): CERA trailer painted

The rounded end CERA interurban box car painted


  1. Anonymous1/13/2014

    Hi, for which traction line are you painting it? Ohio Electric? I just picked up many copies of Traction and Models which many paint schemes. Some of those CERA trailers were painted striking colors. Eastern Michigan Trailers were boxcar red roofed, chrome yellow bodies, with Blue letter board and bottom stipes. Dayton and Troy had Black roofs, Red Letterboards, and Yellow sides. Cleveland and SW had Tuscan Red Roofs, Forest Green Bodies and Black Buffers.

  2. Hi, for the moment I painted one in green (a green between forest and Pullman green). some of the liveries were really terrific, I will try them out. Would it be possible to give me some more informations about the Traction model copies who mention them?