The Oneonta Project (4) - Mr Boeardus would have smiled

In 1908, Master mechanic Boeardus, covered with a trendy clear hat, stands proudly beside his brand new wooden Interurban car No. 63 at the Hartwick barn.

This baggage-passenger Combine was recently delivered by the Cincinnati Car Co. to his employer, the Oneonta & Mohawk Valley Interurban Line in Upstate New York. No rust, no dust on this immaculate electric car.

104 years later, a freshly unboxed scale model of this Combine is awaiting a photo session in my saloon in Paris. There are still some "print flush" to clean, and nothing is yet glued or fixed.

The H0 model is resin printed by i.materialise in Belgium, including the Alco MCB truck frames.

For a very first time I realised fine grooved wooden sides, the effect is exceeding all my expections. The grooves are spaced 0.58 mm, prototypically 2 inch.

Certainly, Mr Boeardus would have been proud of me. I will look if I could find a trendy hat like he had here in Paris.

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  1. Volkmar, your progress is astonishingly good, and gives new life to HO interurban modelling. Thank you, I read your blog with great enthusiasm.