Indianapolis Traction Terminal: the mystery of the Freighthouse No.4 resolved

For a long time I haven't published anything about the Indianapolis Traction Terminal. But this doesn't mean that my interest has diminished or my research was halted.

Some days ago, a friendly modeler published a link to the "Brill Magazine" on archive.org . The "Brill Magazine" was a publication of the carbuilder J.G. Brill Co. of Philadelphia, praising mainly the own products, but treating also the work of concurrents and of the entire Electric Railway industry.

On volume 9 of 1915, page 68, I found a real crown jewel: the trackplan of the Indianapolis Traction Terminal in the time of its greatest extension. It shows the mysterious Freighthouse No.4 with his through track connecting to Market Street. After the freight business had moved off this area, this track was used for the Interstate sleeper service. I serached for this plan since years!

 In the next days, I will add this details to my own "Master Trackplan"


  1. Wow! That could be a layout all in itself!

    1. Truly this may perhaps be worth to be considered...

  2. I just discovered the Indianapolis Terminal could accommodate 75 passenger cars at a time. WOW!!