The Oneonta Project

The Oneonta & Mohawk Valley Interurban, in the State of New York, had some wooden combines built by Cinncinati Car Co. They were handsome smaller cousins of the big midwestern Indiana or Ohio cars. This combines were 51'3" long instead of 61'6" and had elliptic window sashes instead of angular sashes. The oval window was also omitted.

To modelise this car, I had to split the entire 3D part list and put all things together in new combinations. Useless to say that it is easier to say than to do.

On part missing, and it is a mess!
But now I have an entire library of all car elements with different styles: Front ends, back ends, side panels with single or paired windows, oval windows, blind side panels, clerestory window elements.

With rectangular or elliptic sashes, folding or swing doors, sliding baggage doors... To be completed with different pilots, roof mats, trolley boards and chimneys.

Amazing! This is a "structural grammar of Interurban cars" and I called this my "Oneonta Project". Any car composed of this basic elements could be created, plus some imaginary ones...

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