Northern Indiana 300 Combine in H0 scale

The Northern Indiana 300 combines had a different window arrangement as the sister cars from Terre Haute or the Ohio Electric combines.

The oval window was situated at the rear and the baggage compartment was a little shorter. For this reason the heater and his chimney was moved a little forward. 

The Northern Indiana Cars had also a slightly different unterbody arrangement, the resistor bank was located in the center axis.

The frame is ready made for two NWSL Stanton drives 1210 (item #39278-4). 
Baldwin MCB truck frames for this drives were resin printed in the same "Prime Gray" material by i.materialise in Belgium. 


  1. These look at first glance incredibly similar to the Petaluma & Santa Rosa RR cars of 1904.

  2. The Petaluna cars were Holmans, lighter with smaller columns between windows. Holman "copied" traditionally many features of midwestern carbuilders. But in fact the Petaluna cars are built prior to my big Cinci Car 61' combines.

    This big combines had some very close cousins at the Oneonta & Mohwak, only one window section shorter and with elliptic sahses. As you may doubt, the virtual carpenters and blacksmiths are already working on them ;-)