Tenshodo SPUD measures and drawing

The Tenshodo "SPUD" WB24.5 motor bogie is a good base for heavy interurban models. With its wheelbase of 24,5 mm, it matches totally for 7' trucks with 36" (or 37") wheels.

This bogie is a little speedy, but with a good controller and some ballast it will work well.

His low construction permits a virtually unlimited rotation of the truck under the car.

But Tenshodo don't deliver a blueprint with this truck, so I needed to draw it of my own.

You can download a pdf sheet of the measures here.

I made 2 versions : First the real H0 scaled version with the real measures of the model  in Millimeters and then a version in scale 1:72.

I made all my bi-dimensional drawings in 1:72 scale, because it is easy to handle a scale of 1 computer point to 1 inch.

As 3D drawings has no scale, I made even a 3D blow up of the Tenshodo SPUD for virtual 1:1 scale.

Now, it's up to finish the truck side frames, and to think about a car body to put on.

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