Standard C80P truck for Tenshodo SPUD

Tenshodo SPUD WB24.5 with "Standard C80P" frame
Basically, 3D drawings have no scale. All elements are potentially "real scale".

For 3D drawing, I use 1:1 scale, for it's ease to transfer data from diagrams. Only export files for HO resin prints are scaled down to 1:87.

But as the Tenshodo "SPUD" motor bogie is really in HO, you have to scale it up to a fictive "real 1:1" scale to integrate it into your drawings. Track Gauge of my SPUD is now 56.5" or 4'8.5" !

This sucessfully done, I draw a  "Standrdd C80P" interurban truck frame around, for a future H0 scale resin print.

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