Haps and mishaps with H0 Kadee arch bar trucks

I purchased some pairs of H0 Kadee #501 arch bar trucks for my Interurban box cars. This bogies have a real fine look. But on trial runs on my small street running layout they derailed on sharp S-curves and some switch frogs.

This was a great deception because I counted much on this trucks for my projects. You may say that I must avoid sharp S-curves, but what is a trolley freight operation without sharp S-curves?

Finally, by "try and error", I found the reason. The Kadee truck with their real three piece articulation needs a wheel staying well in the rail and who doesn't mount.

Kadee with simple plastic wheels

The solution is simple : change the Kadee wheels with one of the cheapest Bachman (or so) plastic wheels on steel axles of same size found in my scrap box. Now they are going through all curves.

The surplus Kadee wheels can be reused in a rigid bogie like the Tichy Train Group plastic arch bar truck. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

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  1. From my experience, it is all down to axle length. Too short and the axles can allow the wheels to go out of allignment, which is bad news.