IRR Highspeed, coach-baggage version in HO

Orig. image :en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Indiana65.jpg
Having added the rear baggage door, blog reader Greg Melby from Seattle reminded me not to forget the marker lights. I hesitated, but it needed to be done.

The second batch of cars build by Pullman, this with the baggage compartment, had square marker light boxes.

In fact, this was not so hard to make. I simply make the round light boxes square with model filler.

There is no danger, because if you fail, you can remove filler with a metal brush and start again.

Normally, front and rear marker light boxes were the same so you need to make the same operation on the front.

Except for one car : 72 had once a severe front collison (http://www.davesrailpix.com/irr/jpg/irr82.jpg) and was later rebuilt with round light boxes in the front. So I decided to make the car 72 car 78.

(Update : in fact the car with round marker light boxes at front and square boxes at rear end was car 78 ...)

But I made another change : Sometimes, IRR Highspeeds run without the big headlight, who was removable.

Specially in MU operations as a second or third car, or sometimes in daylight runs.

On the die cast shell, I removed the headlight with a drill, and after some care with filler and sandpaper and a coat of primer, the future Indiana Railroad 72 78 looks like this. Not so bad for a Pennsylvania Scale Model who is dating back to 1958, slightly older than me ...

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