IRR Highspeed with rear baggage door

Indiana Railroad Highspeeds
The die cast Pennsylvania Scale Model (or Bowser model) of the IRR Highspeed reproduce the coach-parlor version built by ACF with the car numbers 50-63.

The cars 64-84, built by Pullman, had a rear baggage compartment with a folding baggage door in place of the emergency door of the ACF coach-parlor cars.

I wanted to have al least one IRR-Highspeed in the coach-baggage version. For that, on one body shell, I cut out the place for the door and build this door of styrene. Next step: the paint shop.

IRR Highspeeds : Coach-Parlor and Coach-Baggage version


  1. Anonymous3/08/2012

    You'll also have to make the marker lights square, the ACF cars had round lights (as on the model) but the Pullman cars had square marker light boxes.

    50-63: http://www.davesrailpix.com/irr/htm/irr60.htm

    64-84: http://www.davesrailpix.com/irr/htm/irr24.htm

    Greg Melby
    Seattle, WA.

  2. I saw this on the drawings and photos, but I tried to ignore it. Now, no way back, I look for the best way to make them square : filing, removing ... I will made a post about.