Baldwin Westinghouse Class B

The deadline of the 2015 East Penn Traction Meet in May is approaching. Will this last project be ready in time, or not? We will see...

The decision to build this engine was long to take. A year ago, I considered to buy a brass kit from MRR Warehouse, but endless complications about the motorization led me to abandon this project.

Placing motors into this tiny engines with offset hoods was any time a big challenge for many modelers.

Some month later and still frustrated, I decided to start with the motorization and only in a second term build a engin body around. Some 3D sketches were drawn and proved that NWSL Stanton drives could match, when nibbling even the last millimeter. Exhausted, no further engineering was done for months.

But recently, John Richards, conductor at the Iowa Traction asked me if I would be able and interested in drawing a 3D model of a Baldwin-Westinghouse Steeple Cab. This time I simply could not refuse ...

Iowa Traction # 54

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