My layout

Some asked me about my layout. It is a small layout, 200 cm long, 60 cm deep. It is built into a Ikea book rack, the four black rectangular holes visible above are the cutouts for the rack mounts (one Ikea rack is 80 cm wide and 30 cm deep). The street trackage is build with Luna-Tillig tracks. This trackwork is expensive, but it could be considered as the only "ready to run" H0 street trackage available worldwide with complex turnouts and crossings. Luna track needs an absolutely perfect base, so the structure is made of 1 cm Forex plates (PVC) and aluminium profiles, no wooden parts. The layout is made of 4 parts who are re-assembled in the rack. The view shows the layout before assembling in the rack, the paving not totally finished. The paving outside the trackage is made of 2 mm cork and 2 mm grey foam rubber.

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  1. Nice layout. Compact, interesting and lots of running options. Does the track going off camera to left go anywhere or is that for potential future use? This is going to be an interesting layout, can't wait to see how you build it out.