Doors for the THI&E Wooden Combine

Front view of Interurban wooden combine
After a short summer break, it is time to resume work on the big 61 foot wooden combine. I gave him rear passenger folding doors and baggage sliding doors in the front. Buffers were added also.

To pain the modeler, the Cincinnati Car master mechanics has given the front and rear end a different curvature radius. So you need to model all panels and complex end roofs twice and you can not "copy and paste".

The ovale window in the passenger departement was also punched out of the side. And then I tested if this version would be "waterproof" for 3D resin printing  - and it is ! But it will be still a long way from the virtual 3D drawing to the real H0 model: the pilot, rear steps and underbody parts, all this is not yet made.

The first version I want to finish would be those from the Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern Traction. They had rear folding doors, but in this case I need to built new Baldwin truck frames. The Standard C80P frames matching for the Ohio Electric version, but then the rear door must be a swinging door at floor height.

Rear part of Interurban wooden combine

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  1. I'm watching this with great excitement. Thanks for your work.