H0 underframe for Ohio Interurban freight trailers

The underframe is prepared for Kadee trucks and self made radial couplers. The bogie and coupler supports are printed with the frame. Screw holes are pre positioned. Queen posts and truss rod supports are printed also, the four rods must be added made from brass wire, holes are in place as rod anchors.

Unfortunately, I made a small error in the drawing and the bogie pedestal on the right (under the truck) is missing its rounded center piece. This time, I added it in styrene. The new version would be improved.

A 10x12 brake cylinder is positioned near the center. According to Charlie Pitts, a cylinder with an auxiliar reservoir would be more suitable. I will add this part also in the updated version.

Once the last improvements made, this underframe could be used for any version of 38' Ohio boxcars with arched roofs or railraod roofs.

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