Traction Terminal Building in T-scale (1:450)

My first attempt to create a real model of the Terminal Building. This is a scale T paper model (1:450). Not so bad. 


  1. That's really nice. It looks like you even have some relief work with the moldings. Now how did you do that? Did you mount printouts to illustration board? How big would it be in HO scale?
    Very nice.


  2. No, there is no relief. I only took my drawings (the same as in the title of the blog), scaled them down, printed on heavy paper, and glued together. Some reinforcements with paper foam.

    This is a prototype, the real one would be improuved and with some relief.

    In HO, the Building would be 18 inch high. Too much for small Parisian suburb houses ;-)

  3. This is great!! 1:450 allows us to model full size what the other scales must compress.