A short brake with the painful 3D drawings

Yesterday, I found two Suydam Brass Interurbans in a model train shop in Paris - and bought them immediately. Suydam models are very rare in Europe and hard to obtain. So I have now a big Niles wooden 1907 car (painted green) and a smaller Chicago North Shore 700 (brass). Basic condition is surprisingly good, and I will start to clean them and remove paintings. Following the guidelines of Master Mechanic Dan D. Sparks , I will try a careful restauration of this fine cars. 


  1. Interesting to see an Oregon Electric car with pantographs, which were a feature of the rival Southern Pacific's "Red Electric" lines in Oregon. It could be used as an illustration of what might have been if the two lines shared track leaving downtown Portland in a 1923 proposal that was never acted upon (I just wrote about this, a plan for an interurban union station, on my Portland history site www.cafeunknown.com ).

    Its great you found some Suydm cars in Europe!

    Best, -Dan

  2. "Master Mechanic" oh you flatter me! Really I'm more of a beginner. You have the benefit of learning from my mistakes on my blog! I can't imagine how those cars found their way to a shop in Paris, but its a nice find for you. Good luck!


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