Indianapolis Traction Building Kit

The Traction Building has many ornamental artwork, specially on the upper floor. I hesitate to redesign this in all details, because I am actually not sure about the best technical process (2D or 3D). In the meantime, I will assemble a complete photomontage of each side of the Building without distort of a perspective view. This view can serve as a base for a final drawing.

With Illustrator clipping masks I create actually a toolkit of all architectural elements of the Building. With this elements, I could assemble flattened photorealistic views of all four elevations of the Building.


  1. Anonymous1/28/2010

    Again, I low your fine work with great interest. Your latest efforts in making the building 'texture' is of great interest to me as I've so far been unable to replicate this. Would I possibly be able to use your rendition to convert for use in the simulator please?


  2. No problem to use this texture kit for your projects. In some days I will publish an updated high-resolution version of this template. And If I have enough time, perhaps, I could finish the entire elevation of the Traction Building on Illinois Street.