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Question from a sidewalk superintendent

Walking virtually in West Market Street, I was impressed by the large sidewalks. But how large they was really in early years, before the automobile invaded the streets?

According to the Indianapolis Baist Atlas from 1916 , streets were 90 ft wide between the property boundaries. But this Atlas don't mention the sidewalks. Thanks to this board message , I found this
photo dating from 1906, taken from the top of the Sailors' and Soldiers' Monument.

The perfect alignment in the centre of West Market Street permitted it to me to draw some helper guidelines. According to this photo, the sidewalks were exactly 20 ft wide; 50 ft remaining for the paved road.

The curves of the wye junction in front of the State Capitol are very sharp. But this will be the next question for the sidewalk superintendent...

Extract from a photo of the Indiana Historical Society

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