First test print of the Yakima Valley Combine #100

Yakima Valley Combine #100 test mount
Some weeks ago I recieved the first test print of the Yakima Valley  Niles Combine #100. This unique short Interurban car was developed using parts of other Niles cars. The car arrived in Yakima on July 1910 and was first painted in yellow and cream. Up from 1916, the car was painted in a dark green, probably Pullman green.

For the moment, the car is coated with a dark brown primer, looking like chocolate.

The car was running on Standard C50 trucks with 34" wheels and 6'6" wheelbase. For the model, I choose two NWSL Stanton drives No 39274-4.

The frame has an interior plate with seating. The characteristic bell is part of the kit. Pilots and truss rods are a part of the frame, which is printed in Shapeway's solid White Strong & Flexible plastic. The carbody is made of Fine Ultra Detail FUD.

Historic view of #100 in its early yellow paint

All parts together

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