Portable test track with several radii

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Building cars is frustrating if you cannot if you cannot ride them. Travelling frequently, I build a portable test track able to get stored in aircraft luggage. The "layout" is composed of four 2 mm thick PVC sheets, measuring each 500 x 250 mm. The whole "layout" is 1000 x 500 mm
Flexible tracks are glued directly on the sheets. Turnouts are from Peco, trackwork is Tillig.
The circuit has three radii: 204 mm, 158 mm and 112 mm. One sheet is less than 1 cm thick, the whole layout piled up measures 500 x 250 x 50 mm.

This layout is primarily destined for test purposes, baut I will also use it as a playground for paving, sanding and grassing. And just to see the cars running.

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